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New year, new luck, new me — January is here, and this year is the year. This year I’ll be better, healthier, smarter, richer…

This year I will start journaling. I will be more mindful. I will be more present.

How many people know this dialog by heart? There is something intrinsic in humankind that wants us to set resolutions for the year to come as if for some reason January could give us the willpower of all the other months combined.

What strikes me as interesting is that so many people have journaling on their “top 5 list” of…

Working In a Pandemic

Working as a remote freelancer for a travel startup during a pandemic is an odd combination

Image: Author

“Sometimes I still feel like all of this is just a dream, that at some point it will all crumble and break apart, you know?”

It was the beginning of February this year; I was in Cape Town. The person I was speaking to was my colleague and manager, Fabian.

The company we both worked at, Mapify, had been a massive game-changer in my life. …

Why you should allow yourself to be in love with the flow of life.

We master life once we fall in love with the magic of its unpredictability.

For years and years, there has been so much shame around the feeling of being off-track, that people — young adults especially and even teenagers who have barely graduated highschool — have felt obligated to remain silent about their most intrinsic fears and doubts. Questions like “Who am I?” “Who am I supposed to be?” or “What am I good at? ” have never found its place in society’s standardized conversation.

No one tells you that it is totally normal to feel lost. Instead, they insist…

After some time telling myself my poems aren’t good enough, I am letting go and sharing some of my most intimate thoughts.

This poem is called Me.

could I ever write a poem
so deep
that everybody would understand who I am
what I feel
why I laugh
and when
I am truly being myself.

A poem so honest and so real that made life seem simple.

where people could find themselves in me, where they would feel me,
see me.

So here I go …

[to be continued]

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An app built around the power of meaningful memories

What is a meaningful memory?

A meaningful memory is hard to describe. It is complex. From your favorite song playing in the background, to the beautiful smile reflected in someone’s eyes, to that fresh ocean breeze in summer … there are so many components working together to make a moment unique and unforgettable. But — can you remember them all?

Now, imagine yourself in a situation where all you are longing for is a hug from a real friend. You are having a bad day. Maybe it’s even raining outside. …

“What I have learned so far and what I love most about this job”

There are so many people dreaming about the travel-influencer lifestyle. The luxury hotels, the constant beautiful places, the astonishing pictures you get taken in landscapes that seem out of this world, the traveling for free… but how does one become a travel influencer? What are the perks and disadvantages of it? How does traveling itself become different once you see it as work, instead of entirely as leisure?

To answer all of these questions we got on a call with the incredible Jana, a traveler who has long been in the industry and has already learned quite some interesting lessons…

And how to gain the confidence to do it at least once in your life

An “expatriate” — sometimes shortened to ‘expat’ — is a person who, by choice, is temporarily or permanently residing in a country other than that of the person’s upbringing. The reason for the move can be a variety of things: career decisions, love stories, international studying, increased quality of life, hunger for adventure… But, regardless of “why” people decide to leave, the number of expats around the globe is increasingly growing with each year that passes. From about 10 million in 2010 to up to 60 million in 2020 — that is how much the trend is moving forward!


How to immerse your wanderlust into the best travel books

Shot captured in Mauritius by our Mapify Ambassador Anna Heupel.

At this point, we — the travelers of this world — are all pretty much dying to hit the road again. Our hearts ache for freedom and exploration. There is no way around it.

Still, lockdown is a reality, and, like it or not, we’re all doomed to patiently wait it out — inside our homes. With no planes to take and no countries to explore, there are only a few things that can bring our wanderlust infused hearts back to dreaming of faraway places and adventures. Reading about traveling is one of them.

Indeed, travel books are a must…

How one decision can change the course of your entire life

Photographer Hugo Grandcolas in Iceland.

“You know you are truly alive when every exhale is not only taken, but is indeed felt with the heart.”

For those of you who read last week’s powerful interview with Hugo and found themselves already captivated by his story… be ready

— because that was only the beginning.

Quick recap: In his mid-late twenties, Hugo was working as a sales technician in France but felt utterly trapped in his own routine and life. His increasing sense of unfulfillment wouldn’t let him think straight. Instead, his head could only focus on one thing: leaving. He was aching for life-changing adventures…

How to leave everything behind and start from scratch.

Captured by the amazing Hugo Grandcolas.

Today, we have an incredible guest with us: Hugo Grandcolas! Apart from being a freelance photographer, a world-class content creator, and a traveler from the heart, he also has a very powerful story to share that will hopefully inspire all of you. The story of his new life.

In short, Hugo made the decision to do a 360degree change of career in order to pursue what his heart was most aching for: being a photographer. So, he listened to his intuition, and that’s exactly when the adventures and kilometers on the road started. Keep on reading to find out more.


Lis Kanzler

An intuitive digital nomad. Going wherever the wind takes me and working on exciting projects along the way. #momentsthatmatter

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